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Sailean Grass fed Beef

Summer Treats

All our pasture fed and finished Highland Beef is between 30 and 35 months old when harvested at the end of  autumn, dry aged for 21 days, vacuum packed then deep frozen so it reaches you in tip top condition. 

Sirloin Roast 

Sirloin Roast average weight 1.5Kg price per Kilo £34.10

Special prime roast beef


 Price £40- £55

Silverside Joint

Silverside Joint  weight range  0.90Kg  to 1.6Kg price per Kilo £15.40 

Silverside is a good choice for a pot roast. It can aslo be slow roasted. Excellent as pulled beef or make your own beef jerky


 Price  £12 -  £22

Stirfry strips 

Stir fry strips cut from rump great for quick stir fry dishes or Beef Stroganoff  average weight 300g price per Kilo £25.30

stir fry strips.jpg

average Price £7.50

Ribeye Steak

​Thickly cut meltingly tender delicious steak 2 pack 600g average pack size £35.20 per Kg

Ribeye steak.jpg


Minute Steak 

Pack of  4 minute steaks or sandwich steak average pack weight 450g price per Kilo £19.36

thin slices of lean topside. 

Flash Fry for 20 seconds a side in a very hot ridged pan for best results.

sliced minute steak.jpg

Average Price £7  

Beef Sausages

​Beef  Sausagea 6 per tray average weight 360g price per Kilo £10.45 

Gluten free ocontaining potato starch rather than rusk,


Average price £3.75

Minced steak

Minced Steak average weight 500g price per Kilo £11.55

Lean and very flavoursome.

beef mince.jpg

average price £5.77

Beef Burgers 

Beef Burgers 4 per pack approx 125g each weight 500g price per Kilo £10.45

Gluten free containing potato starch rather than wheat rusk,

a family favourite..

featuring as gourmet burgers at Lismore heritage cafe.

beef burgers 300x300.jpg

Average price £6.40

Bones for dogs

Lovely bones for your best friend £5 per Kilo approx.

Rib bones, marrow bones and knuckle bones

Dog bones.jpg

Price £5

Topside Roast

Topside Roast average weight 1.5Kg price per Kilo £16.50 

Good lean family roast, delicious hot with Roast potatoes gravy and greens or served cold with salad or in sandwiches.

topside roast.jpg

 Price £20 - £28

Rolled Brisket 

Rolled Brisket average weight 1.2 Kg price per Kilo £13.20

Brisket is a good choice for a pot roast. It needs  slow cooking to allow the connective tissue to gelatinise which results in rich tender meat. Excellent as pulled beef


Price £11.60 - £13.00

Sirloin Steak 

Tasty and tender sirloin  pack of 2 thick cut steaks £34.10 per Kg pack size 350g -500g 


Price range £12 - £17 

Fillet Steak (Sold Out)

Pack of 2 thick cut fillet steaks average pack weight 340g price per Kilo £46.20

The most lean and tender of all steaks


average Price £15

Rump Steak 

Pack of 2 thick cut rump steaks average pack weight 500g price per Kilo £25.30

Considered to have more flavour than other cuts, can be used for stir-fry strips.


Average price £12

Diced Casserole steak

Diced casserole steak average weight 500g price per Kilo £11.82

Perfect for stews and casseroles.

stewing steak 700-300x300.jpg

Average Price £5.90

Sliced Braising steak

2  Slices of Braising steak  average weight 450g price per Kilo £13.75

This is cut in thick slices. It is slow to cook but quick to prepare. perfect for your slow cooker

sliced casserole steak 300x300.jpg

average Price £6.50

Marrow bones

Beef Bones suitable for stock or bone broth sold by the Kilo £5

Beef stock Bones.jpeg

 Price £5

Rib Roast sold out!

Rib Roast average weight 1.5Kg price per Kilo £35.50

Deliciously tasty rolled rib roast deboned beautifully marbled.


 Price from £35

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