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Sailean Lamb

Simply the best for Summer

All our pasture fed Shearling Lamb is 18 months old when harvested at the end of the summer, dry aged for 14 days, vacuum packed then deep frozen so it reaches you in tip top condition. 

Gigot Roast

Leg of Lamb Roast on the bone  size range 1-2Kg price per Kilo £18.15

Delicious traditional very popular roast. lovely butterflied and roasted on the BBQ

Gigot roast.jpeg

 Price £20 - £30

Lamb Chops

4 Lamb chops per pack average size 400g price per Kilo £15.12

lamb chops-300x300.jpg

 Average Price £6.00

Lamb Leg Steak 

​Thickly cut meltingly tender delicious steak 2 pack 600g average pack size £35.20 per Kg


price range £6-£10

Minced Lamb 

Minced Lamb average pack size 420g price per Kilo £12.20

Perfect for moussaka


Average price £5

Rolled Shoulder of lamb 

Rolled shoulder of Lamb  size range 1.1 - 2.3Kg price per Kilo £13.20

Lovely Unctious Roast can also be Roasted unrolled or slow roasted

can also be cubed for slow cooking in casseroles and curry


Price approx £22 

Diced Lamb 

Diced Lamb average pack size 450g price per Kilo £13.20

Perfect for Lamb curry

Can substitute rolled shoulder which is where our diced lamb comes from, you will just need to cube it yourself.

diced lamb.jpeg

average price £5.50

Lamb Shanks 

Lamb Shanks size approx 300g price per Kilo £7.86


 Price £3 - £5

Lambs Kidneys  

2 lamb kidneys  average wt 150g price per Kilo £8.80

pan fried or add to beef for steak and kidney pie

lambs kidney.jpg

Average Price sold out 

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