Pietrain Welsh cross piggies, reared outdoors in Cumbria by our new partners Alison and Dave Carpenter.

Hugged every day of their lives. Fed on organic feed and lots of fresh fruit and veg from the garden and local market.

Rolled Shoulder of Pork

average weight 1.2Kg price per Kg £10.80

Prime roasting joint. Excellent for crackling!

 Price £12.60 - £21.00

Pork Chops Sold out

2 large succulent pork chops average weight 1kg    price per kilo £12.50  

 Average Price £12.50

 Rolled leg of pork

average weight 1.5Kg  £11.30 per Kg

Excellent for roasting. Serve with roast potatoes and your favourite seasonal vegetables.

Average price £17.00

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